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T-Cross devotes itself to the study and research of environment and water to suggest a vision for our next generation to live in clean environment and keep warm humanism.
Since its foundation in March, 2002, T-Cross has developed and exported stainless steel vacuum bottle, mug and tumbler.
In 2005, it lined up its major products with products for water and environment including Ripuri which is portable smart water purifying tumbler and substitutes for plastic water bottle like pet bottle. Ripuri not only contributes to carbon reduction project by decreasing emissions of carbon dioxide but also purifies low cost tap water so that everyone can drink without concern.
T-Cross is a company of R&D and manufacturing which has built mass production line for Ripuri through cooperative works.
Ripuri is made of high class eco-friendly semi-permanent stainless material which inhibits reproduction of bacteria and makes water keep natural taste and its filter uses coconut charcoal.

Company name ‘T-Cross’ has meaning that professional groups of professional companies by business area in Korea need to concentrate their power for cooperation.
By understanding environment from the point of human which is core of professional group and applying developing technology to product development by making use of technology for environment and biotechnology, it completed water purifying tumbler in 2005 after 7 years of efforts for development.
The purpose of the development is to supply purified water to any area of the world in which people experience difficulties due to lack of water caused by global warming, increase of sea temperature and disaster.
Ripuri is a solution for the difficulties for the areas in the world in which water lacking happens frequently without warning as it is portable water purifying tumbler with which people can purify water instantly to drink no harmful water safely and healthy.
The product has been certificated by NSF, world certification institute after test for the product that can be used in any place in the world as a complete product for the first time.

T-Cross contributes to low carbon green energy project, environment by substituting instant plastic water bottle and first of all, it devotes itself to development of product such as water purifying tumbler that can help people experiencing cardiovascular disease, skin cancer etc. caused by contaminated water.
It provides the product which meets to water quality by each country and it keeps its utmost in product development considering help on humanitarian level.

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